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The European Commission offers to provide 97 million euros to Lithuania to help it transition toward a climate-neutral economy , informed sources have...

When Digital Marketing student Gustavo Kahn from Panama was looking for a place to study in Europe, Lithuania was not on his list. The 20-year-old, who...

Lithuania goes up index on labor regulation laws

2019 m. lapkričio 24 d. 04:25

Lithuania has gone up a notch to the 14th position in the Employment Flexibility Index on countries' labor regulation laws.

Traders in precious metals in Lithuania are suspected of illicit million-worth asset legalization as over 1 million euros has been seized during an...

From Facebook to Donald Trump's impeachment. American author Timothy David Snyder who specializes in the history of Central and Eastern Europe and the...

The Lithuanian state loses around a billion euros in VAT revenue every year due to the shadow economy , despite active efforts to combat the phenomenon,...

Top October 2019 events in Kaunas

2019 m. spalio 5 d. 06:40

Czech circus' elephant shows banned in country

2019 m. birželio 22 d. 08:50

Ergo Group exits Belarusian market

2019 m. gegužės 16 d. 15:35

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