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On 27-28 November 2019, European and global fintech companies, investors and everyone interested in the latest financial technology will turn their...

Idea of online voting in elections discarded  (2)

2019 m. rugsėjo 25 d. 14:25

The Lithuanian government discarded on Wednesday the idea of introducing online voting in elections .

On 14 July municipality of the capital city is to become the first one in the country to organize a hybrid city resistance test “ Gediminas Legion ”....

Topo Centras, a Lithuanian chain of stores selling household appliances and electronic devises, decided on Tuesday to halt the sale of D-Link routers.

Lithuania's National Cyber Security Center warned on Tuesday about the risk posed by some of the WiFi equipment used in the country as it uses Russian...

Augant programišių aktyvumui, bendrovėms neišvengiamai teks skirti daugiau dėmesio kibernetiniam saugumui, o jų vadovų komandose pradėsime matyti ir...

Georgian president to visit Lithuania

2019 m. kovo 6 d. 13:34

At least 11 MPs hit by massive spam attack

2018 m. lapkričio 2 d. 17:23

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