Curonian Lagoon


Lithuanian Environment Minister Kęstutis Navickas on Tuesday described a recent major sewage spillage into the River Nėris in Vilnius as one of the...

A regatta of historic boats is to set sail on the Curonian Lagoon from Nida to Klaipėda. To read this article, try a €5.99 monthly subscription by...

One month after Lithuania opened bidding for companies willing to explore and exploit amber deposits in the Curonian Lagoon , not a single bid has come...

On a cool summer morning, the sun rises through the bullrushes at Rusnė pier while the hum of boat motors can be heard in the distance. Some residents are...

Tonight and tomorrow, Lithuanians around the world will be celebrating Joninės (or Rasos), the Lithuanian celebration of the midsummer solstice.

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