Central Electoral Commission


Mayors of Trakai and Kelme elected

2021 m. spalio 25 d. 09:23

Andrius Satevicius of the Lithuanian Liberal Movement has been elected mayor of the southeastern Lithuania district of Trakai.

Ildefonsas Petkevicius, an independent candidate, and Stasys Jokubauskas, representing the Social Democratic Party of Lithuania, have gotten into the mayoral...

The Lithuanian Central Electoral Commission (CEC) voted unanimously on Thursday to cancel the mandate of Vaclovas Andrulis as mayor of Kelme District...

Lithuania's Central Electoral Commission will on Friday distribute state budget appropriations worth more than 2.7 million euros to the country's political...

The number of cybersecurity incidents in Lithuania rose by a quarter last year, and that was largely influenced by the COVID-19 pandemic when usual...

Election watchdog cancels MP Guoga's mandate

2021 m. vasario 19 d. 12:32

The Lithuanian Central Electoral Commission on Friday cancelled Antanas Guoga's mandate as a member of the Seimas and gave the parliamentary seat to Arturas...

Guoga resigns as MP

2021 m. sausio 12 d. 16:51

Results from polling districts showing up

2020 m. spalio 11 d. 23:34

Lithuania electing new parliament

2020 m. spalio 11 d. 10:33

Early voting in parlt election starts

2020 m. spalio 5 d. 10:49

22 millionaires run for Lithuanian parliament

2020 m. rugsėjo 13 d. 03:15

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