Experts in various fields note that people tend to use multiple forms of coercion in the absence of arguments. This is observed in many areas of life, and...

Latakas proposed as ambassador to Latvia

2021 m. spalio 31 d. 07:00

Valdas Latakas has been proposed as Lithuania's ambassador to Latvia.

Raimundas Karoblis, a diplomat and former defense minister, would agree to be nominated as a candidate for the post of Lithuania's ambassador to the European...

Mayors of Trakai and Kelme elected

2021 m. spalio 25 d. 09:23

Andrius Satevicius of the Lithuanian Liberal Movement has been elected mayor of the southeastern Lithuania district of Trakai.

Ildefonsas Petkevicius, an independent candidate, and Stasys Jokubauskas, representing the Social Democratic Party of Lithuania, have gotten into the mayoral...

A draft constitutional amendment lowering the minimum age for standing as a candidate in Lithuania's parliamentary election to 21 years, from the current 25...

Election watchdog cancels MP Guoga's mandate

2021 m. vasario 19 d. 12:32

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