On 8 March, Simonas Šatūnas was appointed as Head of Cabinet of Minister of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania Gabrielius Landsbergis. He previously served as...

On Wednesday, the Cabinet approved handing over coronavirus vaccines as humanitarian aid to Uzbekistan, the Philippines and Belize. Nearly 500,000 doses of...

Minister of Social Security and Labour Monika Navickienė says that the incumbent Cabinet will not raise the retirement age.

The ruling Conservative party maintains the lead in opinion poll ratings, the latest public opinion poll commissioned by the news website Delfi shows.

The Central Electoral Commission (VRK) has decided to examine all the information available to it concerning business donations for Mykolas Majauskas’...

MP Mykolas Majauskas has received financial support from catering businesses for his Vilnius city mayoral campaign, the national broadcaster's portal

Kaunas to host 2023 EuroLeague Final Four in May

2022 m. gruodžio 25 d. 04:25

Conservative party to expel Majauskas

2022 m. lapkričio 29 d. 11:19

Cabinet to discuss 2023 budget package

2022 m. spalio 7 d. 10:23

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