Economy and Innovation Minister Ausrine Armonaite is planning to travel to Kazakhstan in early September to bolster economic cooperation and open up new...

Businesses need more third-country workers

2021 m. liepos 20 d. 17:21

Lithuanian businesses lack workforce and their representatives have asked the prime minister to allow more workers from third countries to come to Lithuania.

On July 12, a personal exhibition of the artist Akrolesta (a business immigrant from Russia Tatiana Sokolova) opened in the Seimas of the Republic of Lithuania.

Lithuanian banks will from now on make more thorough checks into international payments linked to restrictions for Belarusian sectors.

Software engineers have long been the most sought-after and best-remunerated tech specialists out there. But the tide is turning, and data engineers are now...

Business complains of labor shortage

2021 m. liepos 5 d. 13:08

Lithuania’s businesses complain of labor shortage as workers tend to opt for the allowances paid by the state whereas workers complain of pressure on the...

Government decides to lift lockdown as of July 1

2021 m. birželio 28 d. 13:40

Lithuania reopens to Israeli tourists

2021 m. gegužės 13 d. 11:23

Lithuania to become ESA's associate member

2021 m. gegužės 2 d. 04:25

Shopping centers and cinemas reopen

2021 m. balandžio 19 d. 10:20

Lockdown extended until June

2021 m. balandžio 15 d. 17:15

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