Bank of Lithuania's


As Lithuania's population declines, the country may have to increase its retirement age in the future to solve the problems of the pension system, a central...

A proposal to increase the minimum wage by 20 euros to 420 euros next year has reached Lithuania's Tripartite Council which is set to make the decision later.

Experts predict that the wave of emigration from Lithuania will this year be smaller than in was in 2017, while immigration into the country will grow, shows...

As it is almost clear that that UK banks, investment managers, payment service providers and other financial institutions will lose their “passporting...

Government chancellor Milda Dargužaitė , central bank governor Vitas Vasiliauskas and public procurement chief Diana Vilytė are ranked as Lithuania's...

Shipment of euro banknotes arrives in Vilnius

2015 m. lapkričio 20 d. 12:17

World's largest coin pyramid erected in Vilnius

2014 m. lapkričio 29 d. 15:51

All euro banknotes delivered to Lithuania

2014 m. lapkričio 13 d. 08:31