Baltic States

Baltic States

The Baltic states, also known as the Baltic countries, Baltic republics, Baltic nations or simply the Baltics (Estonian: Balti riigid, Baltimaad, Latvian: Baltijas valstis, Lithuanian: Baltijos valstybės), is a geopolitical term used for grouping the three sovereign states in Northern Europe on the eastern coast of the Baltic Sea: Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania.

Lithuania has scored better in a survey on LGBT rights this year but still lags behind many European Union countries.

The Baltic states' foreign ministers will meet with the United States president's national security advisor John Bolton on Wednesday and are set to...

German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas on Friday said he would take into account the Baltic states' comments on the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline currently...

The foreign ministers of the three Baltic countries and Germany are meeting in the Lithuanian seaside resort of Palanga on Friday to discuss EU and...

There's a growing need for Lithuanian troops to speak German amid growing cooperation between the Lithuanian and German armies, Brigadier General Valdemaras...

EC deems RTR Planeta's ban in Lithuania lawful

2018 m. gegužės 9 d. 09:47

The European Commission has concluded that the Radio and Television Commission of Lithuania's decision to ban Russian TV channel RTR Planeta in the...

Not our war – not our Victory Day

2018 m. gegužės 7 d. 15:15

Norway's crown prince to visit Lithuania

2018 m. balandžio 20 d. 12:17

Lithuania to issue green bonds

2018 m. balandžio 9 d. 17:12

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