Baltic States

Baltic States

The Baltic states, also known as the Baltic countries, Baltic republics, Baltic nations or simply the Baltics (Estonian: Balti riigid, Baltimaad, Latvian: Baltijas valstis, Lithuanian: Baltijos valstybės), is a geopolitical term used for grouping the three sovereign states in Northern Europe on the eastern coast of the Baltic Sea: Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania.

The United States ' 24-million-euro investment in the Lithuanian Air Force Base in Siauliai has tripped its capacity to host allied aircraft, Deputy...

Sources: Game Insight hit by Chinese hackers  (2)

2020 m. liepos 27 d. 13:25

Game Insight , a Lithuanian developer and publisher of free-to-play mobile games and social-network games, has been hit by Chinese hackers , two separate...

Baltijos šalių okupacijos klausimas neduoda ramybės Kremliui. Rusija pasauliui vis dar stengiasi įrodyti, kad 1940 m. Sovietų sąjunga elgėsi...

On Thursday Lithuanian Foreign Ministry released an official statement of Baltic countries and the US that condemns Russia's attempts to rewrite history.

EU leaders on Tuesday struck a deal on an economic recovery plan and the bloc's next long-term budget after four days of intense negotiations.

The national airports operator further pursues the goal to ensure a smooth travelling experience for passengers with special needs, therefore they commence...

Post COVID-19 world: is it time for i-voting

2020 m. birželio 10 d. 09:17

Poland wants to follow 'Baltic bubble' example

2020 m. birželio 2 d. 17:04

Flights to Warsaw and Oslo may resume soon

2020 m. gegužės 19 d. 13:33

Changes at Kaunas Airport close to completion

2020 m. balandžio 29 d. 12:59

Stoltenberg: provocation in Lithuania failed

2020 m. balandžio 28 d. 11:40

Disinformers take advantage of COVID-19 crisis

2020 m. balandžio 2 d. 15:36

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