Archaeologists and divers have unearthed the remains of a medieval soldier from the underwater slope of Lake Asveja in eastern Lithuania.

Conquering hill forts in Kaunas and around

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The ancient artefacts are popular sightseeing spots as they usually reveal stunning panoramas. So, put on your climbing shoes and see you on the hill in...

Genomic analysis of plague victims from a mass burial in Lithuania identifies a medieval woman who was also infected with yaws. Since plague was...

High in the Tian Shan mountains of Kyrgyzstan , archaeologists from Vilnius University discovered the strongest evidence yet for early and intensive...

The Lithuanian capital has officially started the holiday season by lighting up the Christmas tree , which international travellers expect to be the most...

ICOMOS , a global non-governmental organization dedicated to the conservation and protection of cultural heritage sites , has withdrawn the accreditation...

Food in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania

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Pagan holidays in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania

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Climate in medieval Lithuania

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The yard of a medieval artisan

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Toys and games in medieval Lithuania

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Smoking in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania

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BBC to make film about Jewish traces in Vilnius

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Haunted Graves

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