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The opposition Homeland Union–Lithuanian Christian Democrats (conservatives) will elect a new chairperson this week.

Lithuania's Armed Forces cannot do without conscripts, they are needed all the time, not for five years only, says opposition leader Andrius Kubilius .

Opposition leader at the Lithuanian parliament, MP Andrius Kubilius , says the judgement of the Constitutional Court has at last safeguarded the LNG...

Lithuania's former prime minister Andrius Kubilius has been invited to join the council of foreign advisers set up by Ukraine 's President Petro...

The Lithuania Tribune / EN.DELFI TV spoke to Linas Kojala, Analyst at the Eastern Europe Studies Centre . After the latest municipal elections, some of...

Lithuanian political scientists are cautious about the chances of Gabrielius Landsbergis , 33, to lead the conservative Homeland Union–Lithuanian...

Kubilius on Lithuania's pivot to Scandinavia

2014 m. lapkričio 19 d. 18:16

Former PM Kubilius on Rail Baltica project

2014 m. lapkričio 10 d. 19:18

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