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The Lithuanian parliament on Friday amended a law to provide more time for organizing a referendum.

The Seimas opposition blocked on Thursday the ruling bloc's unexpected proposal to give the greenlight for the government to borrow money not only for...

Lithuania's three-year tax system reform on Tuesday passed the second reading in the Seimas.

A fine of up to 300 euros is proposed for wearing Russian St. George's ribbons with black and orange stripes in Lithuania.

Members of the Lithuanian parliament's opposition parties met on Wednesday to discuss an interpellation procedure against Agriculture Minister Bronius...

Opposition targeting PM, agiculture minister

2018 m. balandžio 18 d. 14:48

As the prime minister is delaying a decision on suitability of Agriculture Minister Bronius Markauskas to continue in the post, members of the...

SocDems back budget draft, point to faults

2017 m. spalio 19 d. 15:04

New labour code up for final vote at

2017 m. birželio 6 d. 09:24

New ratings – concerning trends

2017 m. sausio 9 d. 15:36

Budget 2017 – who will be better of next year?

2016 m. gruodžio 27 d. 12:32

Peasants’ flirting with Conservatives continues

2016 m. lapkričio 11 d. 15:23