Alexander Dugin

100 Years Disaster

2017 m. lapkričio 17 d. 13:56

Speech at Conference "Reflections on a Ravaged Century" Library of Congress, Washington DC, 8-9 November 2017

In the previous articles of the series ‘Putin’s Russia : Kremlin’s Goals and Tools’, I analysed the theory and practice of Russia’s foreign...

In the latest article of this series (“ Putin’s Russia. Kremlin’s Goal No. 1 ”) I analysed the theory and practice of Russian foreign policy trying...

Putin’s Russia: Kremlin’s goal No. 1  (2)

2015 m. rugsėjo 29 d. 17:40

This time I decided to take a closer analytic look and find an answer which becomes more and more important both in Lithuania and the Western countries when...

Opinion: To understand Putin, read Orwell

2014 m. rugsėjo 6 d. 13:14

Opinion: What can stop Russia?  (1)

2014 m. rugpjūčio 7 d. 08:30