This move will change the current testing system as tests will become compulsory for Grades 4 and 8, but there will be no more tests for Grade 6.

Under the new scheme, the gymnasium threshold will be phased in for 10-graders, starting with four points in 2025 and going up to five points from 2029.

Currently, children's achievements are assessed in Grades 4, 6 and 8, but they are not compulsory. Nevertheless, some 96 percent of children in general education establishments undergo such evaluation.

Under the new rules, 10-graders will complete their basic education not only by completing the basic education curriculum, but also by passing a Basic Education Achievement Test (PUPP) and receiving satisfactory grades.

Those who fail to pass their PUPP test will be able to retake it, or will be offered the option of repeating the whole Grade 10 course or focus on a specific subject to prepare for the PUPP test next year.