The authorities are planning launch an international tender procedure for the construction of the complex, with the actual work expected to start in 2024.

The multifunctional art center will be built according to the design of Arquivio Architects, a Spanish architectural studio that won an international architecture competition.

The palace has been designed to accommodate classical music concerts and to provide Lithuanian orchestras with halls with suitable acoustics for both rehearsals and concerts.

The Grand Concert Hall will have a total capacity of 1,600 seats and will host top-class symphonic and chamber music performers.

The Small Hall with the capacity to accommodate an audience of 500 to 900 people will be used by professional performing arts ensembles.

The third hall, named "the House of the Nation", will be used for conferences, exhibitions, events and educational activities.

The complex will also include a rehearsal hall, a garden with an outdoor art exhibition, an observation deck and a café.

Preliminary estimates show that the construction of the National Concert Hall, excluding maintenance costs, will cost 100.6 million euros.