"Together we came, together we will leave – with Germany withdrawing from Mali, Lithuania would not be able to continue the same level of involvement in the MINUSMA mission," the ministry said in a written comment to the news website.

Lithuania has over 42 troops deployed to the UN-led stabilization and peacekeeping mission. They are serving as part of the German contingent and are tasked with protecting a military base. Another five Lithuanian soldiers are assigned to the MINUSMA headquarters.

"The most likely scenario is that the bulk of the Lithuanian contingent would be withdrawn together with the German troops," the ministry told Lrt.lt.

"We will continue our intensive bilateral dialogue with Germany in the short term and will take any decisions only in consultation with our partners," it added.

The current mandate of the Lithuanian mission expires on December 31, 2023.

Berlin said on Tuesday that it would end its participation in the mission in May 2024, with the gradual withdrawal of troops to start in 2023.

The UN mission was launched in 2013 to help stabilize the situation in the West African country.