"Lithuania's support and assistance to Ukraine are exceptional, and our friends in Ukraine are well aware of this and point it out during all meetings. I think it would be a mistake to focus on that issue only when speaking about all of our support and assistance," she told the Ziniu Radijas news radio on Wednesday.

"Lithuania must continue to be an ice-breaker in encouraging other Western countries not to forget the war in Ukraine, to continue their support in those areas that are the most needed," the speaker added.

She pointed out that Lithuania has already provided assistance to Ukraine, worth around 650 million euros.

"The official figure is around 650 million euros, but in some places, it is probably more modest than that of perhaps other countries that use a different methodology. But this is not a competition, it's just that we have to calmly state and know that our support is significant, it's substantial," she said.

On Monday, the SDC agreed to consider providing Ukraine with ammunition for German PzH 2000 howitzers, but not the howitzers themselves or the NASAMS medium-range air defense systems, as requested by Kyiv.

Kestutis Budrys, a presidential adviser, said such a decision was made as it remained unclear amid the ongoing negotiations with allies how these "critical" capabilities would be restored.