Afterwards, the LFF addressed FIFA and UEFA for confirmation that its statutes are in line with their standards. On 3 August, FIFA and UEFA sent a letter to LFF President Tomas Danilevičius confirming that in general the LFF statutes amended on 30 April 2022 comply with the requirements stipulated in the FIFA and UEFA statutes.

The letter also states that good governance requires constant adaptation and improvements over time and the LFF was encouraged to consider additional upgrades, with the joint guidance of FIFA and UEFA, to further strengthen its governance framework. Therefore, it was suggested to create a working group consisting of LFF representatives as well as FIFA and UEFA experts to discuss possible reforms to the statute. The two organisations also noted that the LFF’s statutory obligation is to run its affairs independently and with no undue influence from third parties.

LFF President Tomas Danilevičius says the federation is constantly working together with representatives of FIFA and UEFA both when implementing sports projects and improving governance of the organisation. He underscored that the federation’s statutes have been harmonised with the new Law on Sport. He said Lithuanian politicians and the public would be acquainted with the position of FIFA and UEFA hoping that this would end political discussions on LFF governance.