The Lithuanian Council for Culture and the Lithuanian Film Center have been allocated a total of 126,000 euros to pay the grants.

"These are only the interim results of providing grants to representatives of Ukrainian culture and art. We are looking and will continue to look for ways to help Ukrainian artists not only in Lithuania, but also in Ukraine – as much as it is necessary – until the victory," Lithuanian Culture Minister Simonas Kairys said in a statement.

Grant application accepted until September 15.

According to the ministry, 125 Lithuanian culture and art establishments and organizations are currently offering jobs or cooperation opportunities for Ukrainian culture and art workers.

Separately, initiatives to support Ukraine and its creators are receiving assistance through the Lithuanian Council for Culture's copyright and related rights protection funding competition, and eight projects have already received a total of 61,400 euros in funding.

Next year, the Lithuanian Film Center plans to support the Ukrainian film sector with a contribution of 50,000 euros. Lithuania is also committed to contributing to the digitization of Ukraine's cultural heritage, and will also look for opportunities to contribute to EU initiatives supporting Ukraine's NGO sector.