Working Ukrainians have already paid more than 3 million euros in taxes to Lithuania, including 2 million euros in April alone.

"One in three Ukrainians of working age [...] has already found a job. Ukrainians in employment have already paid over 3 million euros in taxes to our country," Social Security and Labor Minister Monika Navickiene said in a press release.

"I thank the employers who employ Ukrainians [...] and I encourage them to continue registering vacancies with the Employment Service," she added.

More than 50,000 refugees have already arrived in Lithuania, of whom about 28,000 are of working age.

The vast majority of Ukrainians work in medium-skilled jobs, and one in ten has a high-skilled job.

Their salaries range from the minimum wage to almost 2,000 euros per month. The average Ukrainian working in Lithuania earns around 900 euros before tax.

Over 8,700 job seekers from Ukraine are currently registered with the Employment Service.