On Tuesday, Cmilyte-Nielsen had a phone conversation with her Moldovan counterpart Igor Grosu and said the recent incidents in the region were aimed at destabilizing the security situation.

"Moldova is one of the Eastern Partnership countries Lithuania pays special attention to. We do understand how the war in Ukraine has affected Moldova. We voice our support for the country's sovereignty and territorial integrity with internationally recognized borders and the special status of the Transnistrian region," Cmilyte-Nielsen was quoted as saying in a statement released by the Lithuanian parliament's pres service.

"The latest incidents are clearly intended to destabilize the overall security situation," she added.

The Kremlin "will only be deterred from this step by Ukraine's victory, sanctions for Russia and the European Union's commitments to Eastern Neighborhood countries", Cmilyte-Nielsen said.

She also congratulated Moldova on lodging its EU accession application and completing the first questionnaire, adding that Lithuania "consistently supports Moldova's EU membership prospect".

As Russia continues its military invasion in Ukraine, Chisinau fears the war could spill over into the Russian-backed but internationally unrecognized separatist region of Transnistria.