The president-chaired council will discuss "the security situation in the region in the context of Russia's instigation of tensions near Ukraine's borders, as well as the strengthening of Lithuania's security through national means and international format tools," Darius Kuliesius, Nauseda's national security advisor, told the public broadcaster LRT last week

"And, of course, the [the council will| assess our current readiness and adopt the necessary decisions for our defense," he added.

Russia has reportedly amassed up to 100,000 troops near Ukraine's border, sparking fears in the West that it plans to invade its neighbor this winter.

High-ranking US and Russian diplomats are starting talks in Geneva as the West is pressing Russia to withdraw its forces from Ukraine's borders and Moscow is demanding broad security guarantees.

Russian representatives are also to meet with NATO and Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) officials this week.

Western countries threaten to impose sanctions on Russia if it invades Ukraine. US officials say that in the event of aggression, Washington would send more troops to eastern NATO members, including Poland and the Baltic states.

Under the Constitution, the State Defense Council discusses and coordinates key national security and defense issues. The council is chaired by the president and also consists of the prime minister, the speaker of the Seimas, the defense minister and the chief of defense.