"Yes, my daddy died. He stayed at my place and contracted COVID. I thought it's just a cold but the test was positive," she told BNS.

Jakavonis has been lately treated at Santaros Clinics in Vilnius for COVID-19.

Jakavonis joined the anti-Soviet resistance movement at the age of 20. In the fall of 1945, together with other partisans, he set up the headquarters of the Merkys territorial unit in his parents’ homestead.

In 1945–1946, Jakavonis hid there with Juozas Vitkus-Kazimieraitis, the commander of the partisans of southern Lithuania, and the commander of the Merkys unit, Adolfas Ramanauskas-Vanagas for some time. The partisan newspaper Laisves Varpas was published here.

Jakavonis was sent to Siberia in 1946 and returned to Lithuania after 13 years.

Active anti-Soviet resistance took place in Lithuania in 1944-1953 as around 50,000 partisans fought against Lithuania's Soviet occupation. Over 20,000 partisans and their supporters died during the resistance period.