Pursuant to the Financial Instrument Market Law, the price of one share has been set at EUR 9.26.

All shareholders are entitled to sell their AS Olainfarm shares as part of the mandatory share buy-back. To exercise their rights to take part in the mandatory AS Olainfarm share buy-back, shareholders must approach the custodian of their securities to submit an order to sell their shares as part of the mandatory AS Olainfarm share buy-back. You can find out how many shares you own from the custodian of your securities.

The mandatory share buy-back will conclude on 7 December 2021, and after this date orders from shareholders to sell their shares as part of the mandatory share buy-back will no longer be accepted.

With the delisting of AS Olainfarm from the stock exchange, it will no longer be possible to buy or sell the company’s shares on the stock exchange at the current market price. Henceforth if shareholders want to sell their AS Olainfarm shares, they will have to find a buyer and reach an individual agreement regarding the share price.

If they have any questions or queries, shareholders are invited to visit AS Olainfarm’s internet homepage: www.olainfarm.com.

Information about the share buy-back offer has been published in the Republic of Latvia’s official publication Latvijas Vēstnesis, which is available online free of charge at: www.vestnesis.lv. The mandatory share buy-back offer prospectus approved by the Financial and Capital Market Commission is available on AS Olainfarm’s website: https://lv.olainfarm.com and the Nasdaq Riga Stock Exchange website: https://nasdaqbaltic.com.