It also added the embassy's official opening is scheduled for the end of this year.

Lithuania opened its embassy in Seoul to bolster the country's international positions, political and diplomatic ties with like-minded partners in the Asia-Pacific region, and to open up new opportunities for Lithuanian exporters to exort to the most advanced global markets.

"The need to bolster Lithuania's diplomatic representations is also encouraged by the need to diversify markets, expand cooperation with regional partners with shared values, as well as to contribute to the formation and implementation of the European Union's common policy in the region. Relations with Korea is one of Lithuania's foreign policy priorities," the ministry said in a statement.

The Lithuanian government made the decision to open a representation in the Indian-Pacific ocean region on June 7.

Lithuania and Korea established diplomatic relations on October 14, 1991. Up until now, Lithuania has been represented in Korea by the country's embassy in China.

Korea is represented in Lithuania by the country's embassy in Poland.