"This assistance is very important for us. Our goal is to erect a physical barrier as fast as possible, therefore, undisrupted delivery of materials needs to be ensured. Although the inflows of illegal migrations have gone down lately, we need to install a protective barrier and step up the protection of the state border. We are grateful to Slovenia for the provided assistance," Interior Minister Agne Bilotaite said.

Slovenia also provided humanitarian assistance to Lithuania in late July.

Earlier, Lithuania received 105 km of concertina from Estonia and another 24 km from Ukraine. The installation of this concertina began in Druskininkai Frontier District in early August.

On Wednesday, the Czech Republic decided to donate more than 500,000 euros to Lithuania to fight illegal migration.

According to the Czech Ministry of the Interior, in solidarity with Lithuania facing a complex migration and security situation, the country's government allocated 13.5 million Czech koruna (almost 530,000 euros) to support Lithuania's migration system. The Czech Republic became the first country to provide financial assistance.

Later, Austria donated 50 modular units for Lithuania. Lithuanian has also reached agreements with Poland, Ukraine and the United States on technical and exper-level assistance.

Under the EU's civil protection mechanism, Lithuania has received humanitarian aid from 16 countries in the form of tents and modular units, beds, blankets, furniture, electric generators, heaters and other items needed to house migrants.