"If we speak about a state of emergency, I would probably look into that situation from the SBGS perspective. As we have a fairly complicated situation on the state border, we would like to limit access to the borderline stretch, to the borderline zone, for persons since this is where those actions are taking place," he told the national TV LRT's program Dienos Tema (The Topic of the Day) on Tuesday.

"I am speaking about those EU citizens who come to the borderline zone, to frontier stations where illegal migrants are now accommodated. These are the people who try to take those persons from the territory of the Republic of Lithuania or try to organize that. First of all, I am speaking about those citizens of EU countries or third countries who have permits to live in EU countries," the SBGS commander explained, adding that he also had in mind people who come from within the territory of the Republic of Lithuania.

"First of all, under the state border protection law, for those persons to be in the borderline zone, in every case those citizens have to ask for and get permission to be in that zone. So we are speaking about certain restrictions for those people in the borderline zone," the SBGS chief said.

Last week, the Interior Ministry said it had proposed to consider declaring a state of emergency in municipalities bordering Belarus, but no such decision has been made yet and it's unclear when it could be made.

The Interior Ministry believes a state of emergency would allow taking necessary action more swiftly, would simplify procurement procedures, the involvement of the army and the use of other measures.