Among them is the peace treaty between Lithuania and the Soviet Russia, Lithuania's treaties with Latvia signed in 1922-1925, the Treaty of Good-Understanding and Co-operation signed between Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, the so-called Baltic Entente, etc.

"The whole of Lithuania should rejoice as these are key, pivotal foreign policy documents," Dalius Zizys, head of the Lithuanian Central State Archives, told journalists during the document handover.

There are plans to put these documents on public display in the fall, he added.

The documents, which have been kept safe by Lithuanian diplomat and Consul General in Canada Vytautas Jonas Gylys since 1939, were on Thursday handed over to the national archives by Foreign Minister Gabrielius Landsbergis who called it an unprecedented set of documents.

"This is what we have the best in international treaties. (Documents that) shaped Lithuania's foreign policy's legal foundation or the biggest foreign policy achievements before our occupation," Landsbergis said.

The documents were taken out of Lithuania in 1939 and nothing has been known about them for a long them.