Known as Vovan and Lexus, the pranksters contacted Pavilionis last spring. The fact of this conversation was already known in late April when the pranksters impersonated Leonid Volkov, the Lithuanian-based chief of staff to Alexei Navalny, and carried out provocative information attack against politicians of the Baltic states, Ukraine, the UK and other countries.

In the cut-out video, Pavilionis talks about the international community's effort to pursue democracy in Russia, Belarus and other Eastern European countries, the ongoing work with these countries' opposition and civil society, as well as the pooling of support in the United States and the European Unions for these issues.

The Lithuanian lawmaker also said during the conversation that "Washington has not gone back to itself, it is only now becoming Washington" after last year's presidential election. He also expressed confidence in US President Joe Biden's team's ability to tighten the US policy towards Russia.

The pranksters also asked Pavilionis for help to contact representatives of the US Department of State, Senator Bob Mendez, but contacted by BNS, Pavilionis denied that he provided them with any contact information.

In the video, Pavilionis also urged the pranksters to ignore Lithuanian President Gitanas Nauseda's attitude.

"Just ignore it. We are now in power. Ingrida (Simonyte – BNS), my prime minister, thinks the way I do. The foreign minister thinks the way I do, we are the biggest party, we have a parliamentary republic, and the president is symbolic. That's it," the chairman of the parliamentary Committee on Foreign Affairs said.

Speaking with BNS, Pavilionis linked the Russian pranksters with the country's special services and said that the country's regime wanted to discredit "leaders on freedom and democracy issues".

"We are becoming dangerous for the Russian regime as we are shaping that Western policy to quite a large extent," Pavilionis said." Their goal is to discredit people who are doing that."