Its head says Lithuanians mostly prefer beer, and also consume spirited beverages but drink less wine.

"We have re-calculated that amount (total alcohol consumption – BNS) into the most commonly consumed alcohol, and one resident aged over 15 consumes one glass of beer, quite a large glass of wine or 80 grams of vodka," Jurate Petrauskiene told a press conference on Friday.

"Lithuanians mostly prefer beer as it makes 44 percent of the total consumer alcohol, and consumer quite a lot of spirited drinks and alcoholic cocktails, and wine accounts for 15 percent of total alcohol consumption," Petrauskiene said.

Earlier in the day, Statistics Lithuania reported that Lithuania's legal alcohol consumption per person aged 15 years and over amounted to 11.4 liters last year, up by 0.3 liters from 11.1 liters in 2019.