Some 46.5 tons of smuggled tobacco, 251 kilograms of drugs and more than 300,000 euros in contraband cash were seized, too.

The service launched 131 pre-trial investigations during the three months, including 83 probes into drug smuggling, mostly by post.

Around 63 percent of all smuggled cigarettes were detained at the border with Belarus and the rest were nabbed at the border with Kaliningrad or seized from contraband warehouses in Lithuania.

"Cigarettes produced at the Neman factory in Belarus' Grodno still account for the majority of seized tobacco products, at 66 percent," the service said in its press release.

However, it noted that the smuggling of Russian-made cigarettes has increased considerably after coming to a near halt in the past several years.

A record 5.875 million packs of smuggled tobacco products were seized in Lithuania in the first quarter of 2020, with 96 percent of them made by the Grodno factory.