They show that 1,964 children were born in Lithuanian in March, up by 13.5 percent from 1,731 in March, 2020.

The number of deaths went up by 11.6 percent to 3,986, from 3,571.

Lithuania's population shrank by 2,386 people year-on-year from 2,790,044 people in March, 2020 to 2,787,658 people in early April.

The number of immigrants inched down from last year: from 3,131 in March, 2020 to 2,968 last month. Just as last year, the number of foreigners and Lithuanian citizens among immigrants were fairly the same.

The number of emigrants almost doubled from 1,663 to 3,332. The majority of them were Lithuanian citizens who accounted for around two thirds in March, 2020 and more than half in March, 2021.