The idea has been proposed by the Chamber of Tourism and the Lithuanian Business Confederation. The organizations have asked the Foreign Ministry to consider such a possibility, and the ministry says it will consider it and look into possible solutions.

"Taking into account the fact that Israel is among the countries with the most effective COVID-19 vaccine rollouts and is an important market for incoming tourism, associations representing the tourism business are suggesting to, first of all, looking for solutions for tourists from Israel," the Foreign Ministry told BNS.

"We are looking for solutions to open up possibilities for fully vaccinated people to come to Lithuania for the purpose of non-urgent trips or tourism," the ministry said.

The Health Ministry points out that currently citizens of third countries, coming to Lithuania and having been vaccinated with a European-approved vaccine, are subject to the same rules as Lithuanian or EU citizens. Such travelers need a negative test and are also required to self-isolate.

Aiste Suksta, an adviser to the health minister, says that if the government decides to introduce any facilitations to people with immunity, including those vaccinated, the Health Ministry would not object.

Zydre Gaveliene, head of the Lithuanian Chamber of Tourism, believe Israeli tourists could spend around 10 million euros a year in Lithuania.