"There'll be no proposals this week, because it's important (...) to celebrate Easter safely and then, depending on what figures we see, there may be some proposals from the government next week," Simonyte told reporters.

"We'll definitely not change the lockdown regime this week," she added.

The government is currently discussing the possibility of allowing some institutions to operate by limiting their working hours, the prime minister said.

"I believe this is a proposal worth considering, because nobody, including myself, seems to think that the largest number of (positive coronavirus) cases results from people going to a bookstore, a museum or even a store. Most probably, this is due to the one-household rules not being followed," she said.

Simonyte said "it's impossible not to acknowledge" that some people are ignoring the lockdown rules because they are simply tired of following them.

In mid-March, the government permitted all retail stores with direct street access and museums and galleries to reopen, and allowed most primary students to return to classrooms.

Seeing that the country's epidemiological indicators are not improving, however, it has temporarily reinstated the ban on non-essential travel between municipalities.