Customers in Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Estonia, Greece, Latvia, Malta, Romania, Slovakia and Slovenia who upgrade to Revolut Bank for additional services will now have their deposits protected under the deposit guarantee scheme.

Customers in aforementioned countries are now able to upgrade to Revolut Bank for additional services from within the app.

“Launching the bank in ten new European markets will provide a greater level of security and confidence for our customers, and will enable us to launch a host of new products and services in the near future”, said Virgilijus Mirkės, Chief Executive Officer of Revolut Bank.

"The added value and importance of the digital economy is constantly growing. Revolut Bank is a great example of this process. We are glad to see that the members of our association offer modern financial solutions to more and more customers”, says Dr. Eivilė Čipkutė, President of the Lithuanian Banking Association.

To date, Revolut Group has raised almost $1 billion in investment and was most recently valued at $5.5 billion. In just five years, Revolut has attracted more than 15 million customers around the world.

Last year, Revolut also launched its specialised bank in Poland and Lithuania and started offering credit products in both countries. The specialised bank licence allows Revolut Bank to provide limited banking services via Revolut app along with an array of financial services and products offered by other Revolut Group companies.