In their words, since last Wednesday, 8 a.m., when Lithuania introduced checks for incoming people, out of almost 600 checked travelers, some 400 had no pre-filled NPHC forms. Border guards helped them to fill them in on the spot.

Lithuanian border guards say there have been cases when provided information did not match factual data.

The checks close to the Polish border were introduced on February 17 to manage the COVID-19 spread and prevent the entry of mutated virus version especially.

Officers say the situation at control areas remains stable, there are now queues.

Border guards are checking whether travelers have submitted necessary information on the NPHC website and whether the provided information matches persons' factual data.

If a person failed to fill the form or provided not the whole information, SBGS officers will make sure such a form is filled or missing information provided at the mobile checkpoint.

Similar checks have been carried out at the country's airports and the port of Klaipeda since February 8.