"The reorganization of the Employment Service is the key item on our agenda," the minister said in an interview with BNS.

Navickiene says she will seek to ensure that only people having real motivation to look for work would register with the Employment Service. And following an upgrade of the information system and creation of a "dating site" for employees and employers, the establishment could focus on raising qualifications.

"We now have some 11,400 vacancies and a high number of people out of work. The Employment Service's main function is to help demand and supply to meet, resolve logistical problems, if such arise," the minister said.

"We have plans to upgrade the IT system and, as we joke, it could become a dating site for employees and employers so that they could find each other without major human resources. The key function of the Employment Service would remain to raise qualifications to a level needed for an employer, or provide opportunities for people to re-qualify and acquire a new profession," Navickiene said.

In her words, the focus will be made on young and pre-pension people as part of the effort to resolve unemployment problems.