It also reminds that depending on the number of coronavirus cases and other criteria, all countries are mapped into green, orange, red and grey areas. The grey group includes countries that fail to provide the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control with data available on the criteria or those with the 7-day testing rate lower than 300 cases per 100,000.

Lithuania is currently in the red zone and currently lists countries and regions in the grey area as affected.

Besides the newly-included countries, the list also includes Northern Ireland, Scotland, Lichtenstein and Switzerland, as well as all third countries. Travelers returning from or transiting these countries will be deemed to have been in contact and thus subject to 10-day isolation or required to evidence the test for COVID-19 (coronavirus infection) taken at maximum 48 hours before the entry to Lithuania with a negative result thereof.

Foreigners from third countries are banned from coming to Lithuania, with certain exceptions set by the government.

The list of affected countries is published every Friday to take effect on Monday.