He told BNS he came together with diplomats from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Sweden, Austria, Romania and other countries.

"We are together. We have received signals that unknown people are ringing the bell of her apartment, probably, security or police representatives. That's how we learnt and decided that she's under the threat of detention as Svetlana Alexievich is the last member of the Coordination Council who is not detained or has not left Belarus," Pulokas told BNS.

In his words, Alexievich feels fine and is determined to stay in the country.

"There are all options but it seems that Svetlana is leaning towards just staying where she is now, in her apartment, and be a symbol of the Belarusian nation and people, be a hero a personality who would continue uniting people and showing her path," the diplomat said.

Alexievich is a member of the presidium of the Belarusian opposition's Coordination Council. She was summoned to the Belarusian Investigation Committee on Augus26 to testify in the Coordination Council case but refused to testify.

Currently, practically all members of the Coordination Council's presidium are either detained or forced to leave Belarus.