The cumulative two-week number of cases in these countries has exceeded the 16 per 100,000 threshold but has not gone above 25, meaning that people arriving from these countries or having travelled via them would need to isolate for two weeks.

Estonia was also put on the list on Friday but Health Minister Aurelijus Veryga later said it was a technical mistake, adding that the Baltic „travel bubble“ would remain in place for at least one week.

Foreigners coming from countries with the coronavirus rates exceeding 25 per population of 100,000 are not only required to self-isolate but also need to have a negative coronavirus test result.

People arriving from countries with the rates exceeding 16 but remaining below 25 will only need to self-isolate.

Foreigners from EU and other European countries are allowed to come to Lithuania. And people from third countries are allowed to come only under the government's exceptions.

Lithuanians returning from affected countries need to self-isolate. And those coming from badly affected countries also need a coronavirus test done.