In a scale of 0 to 1, Lithuania scored 0.67 points, up from 0.6553 last year, according to a survey by Surfshark.

Last year, Lithuania was the leader among the Baltic states but is behind Estonia this year after the latter jumped from the 13th to the 28th position with a score of 0.7 points. Latvia came in 39th with 0.65 points.

Lithuania is among 20 top countries based on all criteria, excluding internet affordability and electronic government.

Domas Dimasas, head of the Surfshark DQL survey in Lithuania, says Lithuania scored particularly well in the area of electronic security.

"The level of cyber security in Lithuania is exceptionally high and the country tanks third globally. Just like other EU member states, Lithuania has very solid data protection law, and the cyber security index shows the country one of the best-prepared to respond to cyber security risks," Dimasas told BNS.

Estonia is ahead of Lithuania in all categories, except for electronic security. And Latvia is ahead of Lithuania in terms of internet affordability and electronic infrastructure.

Denmark and Sweden top the list this year with both scoring 0.79 points. They are followed by Canada (0.78) and France (0.77 points).

Surfshark's DQL Index 2020 is based on the five core pillars that define the digital quality of life: internet affordability (mobile and broadband), internet quality (mobile and broadband), electronic government availability and advancement, electronic infrastructure development, and the state of electronic security.