Meanwhile, the results of the math and life sciences exams are deteriorating, the country's National Agency for Education says.

"The English language results have been great for many years. Out of 18,022 graduates who took the exam, 9 percent have received 100 points, and just 1 percent have failed," Ruta Krasauskiene, director of the National Agency for Education, said.

15,241 took the state math exam and 67.61 percent have passed it, compared to 82.09 percent last year. 0.96 percent of graduates have received the highest score of 100, compared to 1.46 percent last year.

"Not only annual state high-school graduation exams but also international surveys have been showing for many years that math and life sciences results are deteriorating. These are systemic problems we need to urgently address," Krasauskiene said.

Wednesday marks the start of publication of the results of the chemistry, physics, IT, Russian, English, math, history, geography and biology exams.