The FCIS says she is suspected of having abused her official position and exceeded her powers, leading to large-scale damage to the state. She's subjected to a measure of suppression in the form of a written undertaking not to leave. Suspicions have been brought against a total of six people as part of this pre-trial investigation.

The probe is focusing on alleged fraud, document forgery, legalization of illegally-obtained funds and abuse related to procurement of rapid coronavirus tests. It was announced in early June and centers around the procurement of rapid coronavirus tests, worth 6 million euros, by the National Public Health Center's laboratory.

The pre-trial investigation was launched upon receipt of information on suspicious financial transactions of a Lithuanian-register company. Sources told BNS officers are looking into the activity of Profarma which provided tests.

The funds the company tried to use were received after a contract was signed with the National Public Health Center's laboratory following procurement of rapid COVID-19 tests. The use of illegally-obtained funds was subsequently restricted.

The company is suspected of having forged documents and provided false information on the producer of the rapid tests when signing the 6 million euro contract, according to the investigation.

It is suspected that the buyer was misled and did not allegedly carry out a market research and did not evaluate the price of the goods being procured and the market conditions. After the contract was signed, the funds were transferred to the test provider.