The country's average infection rate is 3.7 cases per 100.000 people over the past two weeks, according to the ministry.

Intensive testing is required in those municipalities where the rate exceeds the national average and is higher than five, and where more than one new case of infection has been confirmed over the past two weeks.

The rates are 18.4 in the district of Trakai, 15.5 in the district of Kedainiai, 15 in the district of Sakiai, 12.1 in the city of Kaunas, 11.7 in the district of Moletai, 10 in the district of Vilnius, 9.8 in the city of Panevezys, and 8.3 in the district of Klaipeda.

Intensive testing means that health and social care workers in these municipalities will have to undergo preventive tests and patients who have been hospitalized for more than 48 hours will be subject to additional testing.

Additional tests are also performed on firefighters, military personnel, pharmacists, the staff of drive-in testing stations and some other people.

Last week, the national rate was exceeded in the districts of Trakai, Sakiai, Salcininkai, Utena and Kretinga, and the city of Kaunas.