He reminded that Lithuania’s nationals residing abroad would have a special single-member constituency and would elect a representative of their community to the Seimas for the first time ever.

“The world community of the Lithuanians will have its representative at Lithuania’s parliament as early as this fall. The importance and the strength of this voice [in the parliament] will exclusively depend on your choice,” Nauseda said in a press release.

Registration for voting in the parliamentary elections due on October 11 was launched for Lithuania’s voters living abroad on Wednesday.

Registration is available through the online registration system of the Central Electoral Commission at the website https://www.rinkejopuslapis.lt/rinkeju-balsuojanciu-uzsienyje-elektronine-registracija.

Once registered at the abovementioned site, voters will be later added to the electoral register of a respective Lithuanian embassy or a consular establishment.

According to the Central Electoral Commission, all voters living abroad shall register anew, including those who were entered into electoral registers abroad for the previous elections or referendums.

New registration is necessary in order for the Lithuanians residing in foreign countries to be able to vote in the first ever single-member constituency established for the Lithuanian nationals living abroad.

Those registering in the system will have to enter their name and surname and the details of their document of identity and nationality, i.e. a passport or an ID card, to fill in a voter registration application and indicate their precise address.

Those who choose the option of voting by mail, will be sent voting documents to that address.

Voters residing abroad will be able to vote by mail or at an embassy in the country of their residence.