The national tourism development agency forecasts that the projected 30 percent decline in the sector, which contributes around 3 percent of Lithuania's gross domestic product, will shave some 1 percentage point off GDP this year.

Lithuania Travel Director Dalius Morkvenas calls for more focus on increasing spending by tourists.

Travelers from abroad spend almost 6 times more than Lithuanian travelers, accounting for 82.5 percent and a mere 17.5 percent of the total spending respectively, Morkvenas said in a press release.

"Therefore, it is necessary to focus more on attracting foreign tourists, increasing their spending and extending their stay," he said.

According to the agency, spending by foreign tourists increased to 977.8 million euros in 2019, up by around 150 percent from 390 million euros in 2009, but the latest data show a slowdown in growth. Spending by local tourists doubled over the period.