The corresponding Resolution adopted by the Seimas underlines that EU Member States have joined their efforts to combat the pandemic and render assistance to the EU Member States most affected by the COVID-19 pandemic by providing foreign patients with medical assistance, personal protective and medical equipment, and expert advice.

The Resolution urges the European Commission to strengthen the effectiveness of the management of the EU’s external borders and to restore, gradually and in a coordinated manner, the free movement of persons, workers, goods and services within the Schengen area. At the same time, the Commission is invited to improve the security of food supply by providing farmers, fishermen, small and medium-sized food processors with assistance through effective use of existing and new EU instruments, close monitoring of the market, and taking all possible market regulation measures in a timely manner.

Against the backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Seimas recommends that support be increased for small and medium-sized businesses for them to preserve jobs, business continuity and liquidity and to ensure recovery. The Lithuanian parliament also urges the European Commission to intensify the cooperation between medical institutions and health professionals of EU Member States, co-ordination of measures, implementation of joint EU procurement procedures, monitoring of the epidemiological situation, sharing of best practices, and joint search for vaccines and antiviral medicine.

The Resolution (draft No XIIIP-4841) thereon was adopted by 44 votes in favour and 3 abstentions. It was initiated by Emanuelis Zingeris, Member of the Seimas Committee on European Affairs.