"A total of seven deaths have been registered. The fatalities were patients hospitalized in the Unit of Internal Diseases (at Vilnius City Clinical Hospital)," Ginreta Megelinskiene of the NPHC Vilnius Department told a press conference on Monday. "All of them died in Santara Hospital."

"In total, around 33 percent of all patients who got infected in Vilnius City Clinical Hospital have died," she added.

Megelinskiene said the NPHC had sent letters to the Labor Inspectorate and the Accreditation Service, and was planning to ask prosecutors to look into the situation in the hospital.

Five new cases of COVID-19 infection were confirmed in the hospital over the weekend. Fifteen personnel and 21 patients of the Unit of Internal Diseases and the Intensive Care Unit are currently ill with the virus.

The NPHC last week instructed the hospital to urgently test all of its staff and interviewed some of its medical personnel by phone.

According to Megelinskiene, the interviewed medical workers said that they were working across several units and that shifts were overstaffed, and reported feeling pressure, fear and uncertainty.