Lithuanian border guards have barred more than 450 people from leaving since the exit ban on citizens, except for those living or working abroad, was imposed in mid-March.

Polish and Russian borders are currently closed to foreigner nationals, but they are allowed to enter Belarus and Latvia, the other two countries bordering Lithuania.

Starting Monday, people can cross from Lithuania into Latvia via the Butinge–Rucava, Salociai–Grenstale and Smelyne–Medumi border checkpoints.

On the border with Belarus, the Medininkai–Kamenny Log, Salcininkai–Benyakoni and Raigardas–Privalka checkpoints are currently operating.

Border officials warn, however, that the existing restrictions mean that those leaving for Belarus will be able to return home only through Poland or Latvia.

The 14-day self-isolation requirement for all arrivals in Lithuania remains in place.

Lithuania's borders remain closed to foreign nationals, except for commercial vehicle drivers, diplomats and soldiers. Lithuanian border guards have barred 1,360 people from entering the country since the start of the lockdown.